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2F | Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees takes our guests cross borders to taste the mix-and-match ensembles of international cuisine. Service is available throughout the day, offering a wide variety of a la carte items, set meals, and beverages.

Menu items available throughout the day
Buffet Breakfast: Adults NT$ 600, children NT$ 300

Lunch Salad Bar:
Mon. to Fri.: Adults NT$ 580, children NT$ 290
Weekend and Public Holiday: Adults NT$ 620, children NT$ 310

AfternoonSalad Bar:
Mon. to Sun.: Adults NT$ 420, children NT$ 210

Dinner Salad Bar:
Mon. to Thu.: Adults NT$ 580, children NT$ 290
Fri. to Sun. and Public Holidays: Adults NT$ 620, children NT$ 310

* Free for children under 90cm in height.
※ A 10% service charge is applicable to the above quoted prices.
※ Free Wi-fi is available in the restaurant, please ask our staff for the passcode.
※ Service charge for non-in-house alcoholic beverages: Imported liquor NT$ 500 per bottle; domestic liquor NT$ 1,000 per table.

Chef's Choice

Howard Beef Noodle Soup: The Smell of the Memories

The classical Howard Beef Noodle Soup has been the taste that recalls the memories of home for many Taiwanese traveling abroad. The chewy tendons of Taiwan's special cattle simmered in a broth prepared with apple and sugarcane. Fragrance and sweet, full of praise for gourmands.create the sweet and pleasing taste that leave many people savoring in the memories. Since the beginning of Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei, Howard's Beef Noodle Soup has become the signature cuisine of Champs Elysees. For years, the good taste has never ceased to attract the old and new customers.

Howard Steak Sandwich: Take a Bite of the Authentic Taste

A generous cut of steak up to 3cm thick is grill to medium served with slightly charred crispy bacon, creamy cheese slices, fresh tomato and sumptuous lettuce, offering a unique sensation of layered texture and sweet freshness. Accompanied by crispy fries and the special pickles, the sumptuous serving will make you want to take a big bite out of this mouth-watering authentic American style juicy sandwich.

Burgundy Beef Stew: Romantic Encounter in the French Style

This famous French dish is a beef stew with tender carrots and potato in fragrant red wine. This has been one of the most popular item in Champs Elysees. This authentic French stew is prepared through a painstaking process by simmering the beef in Burgundy on slow fire to create a perfect combination of the meat and wine aroma. And the meshed potato brings out the authentic French taste in a thick a creamy way.

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please contact:
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Serving Hours

  • A la carte available throughout the day 06:00 to 00:00.
  • Buffet Breakfast 06:00 to 10:00 (weekdays)
  • 06:00 to 10:30 (holidays)
  • Lunch 11:30 to 14:00
  • Dinner 18:00 to 21:30
  • ※ Last Order: 30 minutes before end of operation hours.