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Special set courses for lunch and dinner: NT$ 1,200 up
VIP Room NT$ 8,000 up

※ A 10% service charge is applicable to the above quoted prices.
※ Service charge for non-in-house alcoholic beverages: Imported liquor NT$ 500 per bottle; domestic liquor NT$ 1,000 per table.

Chef's Choice

Pork Tenderloin

The chef uses the special Southern Chinese culinary technique of pan-frying with sauce. This special dish is made from pork tenderloin marinated in a special sauce and pan-fried in brewer's grains. The quick pan-frying process cooks the meat to perfection with maximum adhesion to the sauce to ensure that the meat is as tender and juicy as the beef steak. If you have a chance to come to Formosa, don't forget to experience the tender sensation.

Sweet Potato Porridge

Sweet potato porridge is a signature item in the Taiwanese delights. The chef selects the best sweet potato and boil the generous cuts with rice. The perfectly-cooked yellowish sweet potato has a puffy and soft texture with a chestnut-like aroma. It is essential to eat the porridge within one hour. This is deemed as the golden hour for sampling the porridge in the best state of thickness and sweet potato aroma.

Eggs Fried with Pickled Radish

Don't miss this "Taiwanese-style Pizza" when you visit Formosa. Different from the general scrambled eggs, Formosa's fried eggs with pickle radish is prepared in a pizza shape to a certain thickness for best texture. When preparing this dish, the chef is required to flip the egg piece with a pair of chopsticks. Specially selected pickled radish is minced and fried with garlic and spring onion into a fragrant mixture and the "cake" of eggs is pan-fried to golden with a slightly charred crisp. It is a savoring taste remembered by all Taiwanese.

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Serving Hours

  • Lunch 11:30 to 14:30
  • Dinner 17:30 to 21:30
  • ※ Last Order: 30 minutes before end of operation hours.